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Free 12" clarias catch fish

Clarias catfish, changing direction so he needs to go. Free to good home Eck


Yellow bellied slider (turtle)

Turtle free to good home he is about 3 years old and best kept alone or with own kind, he is quite big so will need a 3 foot tank or larger any questions don't hesit...


Fantail fish

Fantail fish free to good home come from pets at home about2 weeks ago


two male swordtails free

two male swordtails 3inch long free need away asap as changing tank.


Tropical fish

10 together, Having a change of set up so reluctantly have to part with these fish. From a clean and well maintained 250 litre juwel tank. These are the fish you will get...


Fish for sale

1 large 7 inch plec for sale for £15. 3 black/orange tetras for sale for £1 each. Excellent condition. Selling because moving house and don't want to transport the...


African cichlids for sale camberwell

Hi guys I have someAlbino socolofis (5) of then 4-7cm.long Blue and black socolofis (6) of then 4-8cm long 3.5 months old Elongatus mpanga (15) 1-3 cm long 1 month old I ...


4 gold fishs& a fish tank with full accessories

4 beautiful gold fishs and a tank which measures around 28 litters with full accessories, food, cleaning kite and filter/ air system.


Fish , tank and filter

We can no longer keep these fish. Tank and filter included £15 collection only. Stapleford


Pond shut down = 1 x tench, various gold fish, pump & uv lamp

Due to shutting down our pond we have various fish and equipment left for sale. All collection from Sherwood. £5 for gold fish (4 - 7in)£15 tenchPumps £20 eachUV lamp...


job lot of 20 cichlids for sale

Mixture of 20 adult cichlids for sale... i do not know all there names... viewing welcome... £100 no offers collection only.... must bring own bucket. Not all fish in th...


Malanochromis Mangiano

These lovely Malawi cichlids are between 1-2" long . Would like to sell as a group of 6 as I believe they are doing better in a group. £14


koi / ghost koi / 2 ghosties

koi 3-4" 6 each ghost koi 3-4" 4 each ghosties 10-12" 25 each or both for 45 viewings welcome bags supplied give me a call to arrange a vie...


4 ft malawi fishtank full setup

i am selling my 4ft malawi fishtank as a full setup it comes with:- *26 malawis *1 pleco *3 clown loaches has a new external ef1000+ filter with an 1000ef+ bostter filter...


4 ft malawi fishtank full setup

i am selling my 4ft malawi fishtank as a full setup it comes with:- *26 malawis *1 pleco *3 clown loaches has a new external ef1000+ filter with an 1000ef+ bostter filter...


Japanese Koi 3-5" for garden pond

I have for sale 3-5" koi all in good health feeding well and been fully quarantined I also have various larger koi for sale please be aware koi can grow very large...


18 Japanese Koi Carp For Sale (average 12") - Good home needed

I have recently moved and had these fish in a 3000 gallon pond for four years. Plans to build a new pond haven't materialised so the fish are still in a 350 gallon h...


Ploctomous algae eater

Very long fish about 9 inches long. Very helpful fish I have never had algae in my fish tank after I got the fish. The reason why I'm selling is because I have broug...


Vieja synspilum redhead cichlid

Here I have a gorgeous fish for sale with amazing colours. She is around 10inches. Collection will be from ruddington in Nottingham. Please bring own bags or container an...


pond goldfish for sale

Selling for my mum. Pond goldfish for sale due to overstocked pond. Various sizes and colours, gold, red and white, white, fantails. priced £1-£5 each collection only f...






13 geophagus red head tapagos sub adult around a year old, had 6 spawns already so atleast 4/5 pairs none surrived to date,, well we got to fry last week lol , these are ...



White mollies and red / orange platies for sale.

White mollies & red / orange platies for sale. Various ages. Unsexed. Image shows a few I've removed from main tank to make selling easier, but more available. Easy ...



Guppy juveniles and baby fry platy and 2 beautiful betta fish.

Blue betta fish male ?10. Purple gold betta fish male ?10. Platy fish ?1 each. Guppy juvenile and guppy fry ?1 each. All of the fish are healthy and active and colourful.



Tropical fish, Black bar and Peacock Endlers (poecilia wingei)

Tropical fish, Healthy lively fish ideal for community fish tanks, They are from two months old but some are older. Nottingham area, i can't deliver. £1.50 each for...



Bristlenose Plecos Babies

Bristlenose Plecos Tropical,their tank is kept at 25?3-4 months oldAbout 1 inch long?3 Each or 2 for ?5Please bring your own small container (lunchbox sized) to collect p...







Fish/Shrimp For Sale

Golden Gourami - Owned for about 2 years now. Great fish just getting a bit too big for the aquarium it's in and getting territorial because of it - ?3.80 Various Lo...



Flying Fox fish (Epalzeorhynchos kalopterus)

Looking to rehome my Flying Fox fish. He is currently in a 180ltr tank but I feel he could do with a larger tank. It is a lively and at times boisterous fish so needs ta...



2 blackmoor fish

2 blackmoor cold water fish. Approx 6 months old. Around 3/4 inches long nose to tail hard to tell in water. Feeding great, pooping great. £5 to ensure good home.



malawi cichlids

malawi cichlids for sale contact for details malawi cichlids . Posted by rytis in Pets for Sale, Fish in Southampton. 9 February 2021



marine red flame scallops 2 SOLD 2 LEFT.

ive 4 red flame scallops for sale these dart around the tank jumping from place to place great addition and filter feeders price is for each one. ONLY 2 LEFT.



*Malawi* Scolofi Albino

Beautiful Albino Malawi x3 for sale Feeding well on new life spectrum cichlid formula & Hikari sinking cichlid excel. Reason for sale - reduce stock in tank as they are o...



Dwarf rainbow fish X2 male 1 female

Two male dwarf rainbows and one female. Aquarist Experience Level: Intermediate Size of fish - inches: 2.5 inches (6.35 cm) Minimum Tank Size: 20 gal (76 L) Temperament:...



Live Sand and Live Rock

Live Sand and Live Rock available £10 sand£5kg rock Fiji and Tongan branch rock



Biorb tank, air pump and two fish

Two fish, biorb tank and air pump for sale! Need gone asap! Collection only! If you need to know anything just ask!



Leopard Snakeskin Discus

Last Young 2.5" Leopard Snakeskin Discus, selling as it's my only remaining and it needs to go back into a shoal Will only part with to existing keepers. No tim...



Parrot fish

I have 4 parrot fish for sale all around 4" in size,all very healthy & feeding well on bloodworms & pellets. Viewing welcome. Please bring container on collection. ...



Coffee table/TV table

Excellent condition low coffee table or TV unit. It is solid wood finished in white gloss. It?s heavy. Double fronted with sliding drawers. One faint scratch. Width 2.1 ...



3 Large tinfoil barbs

I am regrettably selling my tinfoil barbs due to them getting too big for my aquarium. One is albino and I would prefer that hey were sold together as they have been toge...